Walking Tours
Walking Tours

Indoor Performances

Indoor multi-media performance.

Saturday April 27, 8pm, at 10C Shared Space on Carden Street.


Hear true stories of Guelph Scandals inside where it's warm. Same great stories but with pictures and sound effects. A walking tour whereby you never leave your seat. Stories of bootlegging, murder, prostitution and even poetical scandal. All true, all scandalous.


Now the walking tours are also available as indoor multi-media theatre presenations!

A tour whereby you never leave your seat!

The Unfortunate Man

The Unfortunate Man, the story of William Harvey from 1889. Sound effects and images complement the stories and recitations of William's tale of murder. A theatrical performance you won't soon forget. Book now, jaywalkingguelph@gmail.com

Gwelf Early Days

New for 2023. Perfect for your social group, service club or special event. Same great stories but with photographs and sound effects. A theatrical journey. Watch for this coming Fall 2024 at the Guelph River Run Centre. To book this show for your service club, social group, community space... email JayWalkingGuelph@gmail.com

Scandalous Guelph

This multi-media performance is perfect for your social club, small theatre, community hall or special event. True stories of murder, bootlegging, courtesans, intrigue and poetical scandal accompanied by amazing images and amusing sound effects create a storytelling walking tour whereby you never leave your seat. Contact Jay now to book this incredible show. jaywalkingguelph@gmail.com


Watch for a brand new show premiering at the 2024 Guelph Fringe Festival. August 8-11.