Walking Tours
Walking Tours

 Tickets and The Gory Details


Outdoor events individual ticket holders: 

Performances take place in all weather conditions. Occasionally a performance start time may be delayed due to weather. If weather is sever the performance will be rescheduled. This happens rarely, if ever. While JayWalking Guelph is fully insured, participants do so at their own risk. JWG is not responsible, period :)

Scheduled Unfortunate Man Tours are Fridays May-October at 7pm. TICKETS

Scheduled Scandalous Guelph Tours are Saturdays June-October at 7pm TICKETS

Scheduled Gwelf Early Days Tours are Tuesdays May-October at 7pm TICKETS

Outdoor groups: 

If you are 4 or more, that is considered a Group. Groups can book outdoor shows any day, anytime. JayWalking tours are very atmospheric at dawn, very late, or in winter! Maximum is usually 20, but  exceptions can be made for larger groups. While there is no discount for groups (tickets are still  $25pp), you and your group members will receive a $5 off voucher for a different performance/tour. 

Indoor events: 

If your group would like to have Jay come and perform (house party, speakers engagement, social club) contact me directly to arrange. jaywalkingguelph@gmail.com

You can also book storytelling performances for your special event or house party. Jay has lots of recitations to choose from and can easliy put together 20 - 40 minutes of great live entertainment. These are very popular.

If your service club, social group, charity, community hall, or theatre wishes to book these shows contact me directly. There's no booking agent involved, so overhead is low. jaywalkingguelph@gmail.com

If an organization books one of these performances and wishes to sell tickets to the general public I will post the ticket links throughout this website and announce the performances.